Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my bon-bon assortment?

Yes, you can write any customizations in the note section when placing your order. We will try our best to fulfill the request but it may be modified or denied depending on the rate of production. 

Are your chocolate products gluten-free?

All of our chocolate bars, bonbons, truffles, flan and coconut macaroons are gluten free.

Are your chocolate products vegan?
Our dark chocolate bars are vegan. Our vegan bonbons are: Maracuya (coconut milk) and Mango (dark chocolate & mango puree).  Our other bonbons, truffles and milk chocolate products contain dairy and are not vegan.

Are your chocolates made with non-GMO ingredients?


Do you use corn syrup?

None of our products contain corn syrup.

Do you use hydrogenated fats or oils? 


Do any of your products contain glycerin or gelatin?


Which bonbons contain alcohol?

Four of our bonbons contain alcohol: tequila butterflies, mezcal, Kahlua and Flor de Caña mint mojito.

Do you make all of your chocolate products and desserts in your retail location in Berkeley?

Yes, all of our chocolate products and desserts are made in small batches in our kitchen in Berkeley.

What percentage of cacao is in Casa de Chocolates bars and bonbons?

We offer a range of different chocolates with varying flavor profiles and intensity of cacao.  The cacao percentage refers to the amount, by weight, of cacao beans plus cocoa butter in chocolate. Our milk chocolates are generally 41% cacao and our dark chocolate products range from 61% to 95% cacao.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Contact us at for orders over $750. 


Where can I buy Casa de Chocolates products? Visit our retail store in the Elmwood District in Berkeley, CA or our online web store.  You may also find our products at the San Francisco Airport (Napa Farms Market, terminal 2 and 4), also in Sacramento, at Andy’s Candy Apothecary (1012 9th Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814).


Do you wholesale?
Yes! Contact us at to learn more about our wholesale program.


What is Casa de Chocolates’ return policy?

Our goal at Casa de Chocolates is to completely satisfy our customers.  We stand behind everything we make and we can send you replacement items or refund the purchase price (excluding shipping) if the product is defective. However, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges for items that are not defective. We are not responsible for shipping delays while your product is in transit due to weather, strike, mechanical failure, or other circumstances beyond our control, or incorrect or incomplete addresses on your order. Order cancellations will come with a 20% restocking fee. 


How long will your chocolates stay fresh?

To fully appreciate the flavor of our chocolates, we recommend that you enjoy your chocolate bonbons immediately or within 2 weeks of purchase. If your order was received via shipment please go by guideline included in your order. 

Our bars and other solid pieces can stay fresh for 6 months or longer.

All of our chocolate products should be stored in a dry cool place (< 68 degrees).