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Frozen Hot Chocolate Chocolate - Casa de Chocolates

Frozen Hot Chocolate [ sold out ]

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When placing this item on your cart please note the estimated wait time after your submission is 10-15min. We will Notify you when your order is ready through the information you have provided us: email or phone number at check out. If you cannot be present within that time frame please do not submit your order. Your item will melt and we do not hold any responsibility for melted frozen. 


If you wish to pick your item up at a later time [same day]. Please stay true to your indicated time, again we cannot stress enough that we hold no responsibility for melted frozen.

If frozens are not picked up by the end of the selected pickup date a 20% fee will be charged and a partial refund will be processed. Please let us know at least 30min before your pick up time if you wish to change your pick up date/time. 



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