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Proyecto Diaz

Las Frutas

Las Frutas


REGION: Huila, Colombia
PROCESS: Double Fermentation
TYPE: Single Origin
PRODUCER(S): 50 producers organized around MASTERCOL
TASTING NOTES: White Peach, Orange Blossom, Agave Syrup
ROAST: Light

We didn't come up with this coffee's name — it was aptly named by the grouping of 50 producers who grew and processed it. LAS FRUTAS means “The Fruit” in
Spanish, and it tastes just like it sounds — fruity, crispy, and floral ... basically, a cup of sunshine. 

Most coffee goes through one of three post-harvest processes, with each offering a unique flavor experience: washed, natural or honey. Sometimes, though, producers get extra creative and create something using various techniques. Las Frutas was processed using the double fermentation technique, meaning the producers picked the coffee cherries, sealed them in bags to ferment for 72 hours and then depulped them and set them into fermentation tanks for 48 hours. After this 5-day process, the coffee was washed and left to dry on raised beds. 

The unique processing of this coffee incorporated two processing techniques, Natural and Washed, creating a flavor profile that rings true to the Huila, Colombia region and amplified some defining characteristics of the region: stone fruit and florality. If you love bright, crisp, fruity coffees, you’ll love our summer offering – LAS FRUTAS. 

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