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Proyecto Diaz



REGION: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

TYPE: Single Origin


PRODUCER: Elton Guillen

TASTING NOTES: Cola, Pomegranate, Nougat

ROAST: Light

In 1994, producer Elton Guillen’s dad moved back home to Nicaragua to follow his dream of starting a coffee farm with his family. Elton’s dad tragically passed away leaving behind his dream of seeing his farm flourish. After his dad’s passing, Elton decided he wanted to step into the shoes his dad left behind. With a desire to revitalize the farm and continue the family legacy he decided to move back to Nicaragua after living his whole life in California. In 2021 he quit his corporate job of 12 years and permanently relocated to Nicaragua to follow in his dad's footsteps of producing coffee fulltime. We’re proud to help him continue a dream and proud to be his exclusive partner. Cheer’s to rebuilding and revitalizing legacies.  


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